TB testing – reminder from Nurse

To Parents of all Kinders and New Students:

Tuesday, November 13th, is our Clinic for TB testing at K Beach School
We will start at 8 AM, so early parents may accompany their student.
Kinders will be done first, so if you need a later time please advise us.
Letters are going home as well this week.

The PPD is a small injection in the forearm, and must be read in 48-72
hours, so if any absences are planned for the 15th and 16th, please advise
and we will test your child another day. All students must be tested before
December 15th. If they have had Varicella or MMR since October 11th, we
must wait 28 days from their injection date.

Please call by Monday with any concerns.
Thank you,

Nurse Evie and Nurse Linda, 260-7464

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