Parent & Student Input on Interim Building Administrators

Dear K-Beach Elementary School Parents and Guardians,

Greetings! I am asking for your participation regarding the 2020-2021 school leadership for K-Beach Elementary School through a face-to-face meeting with me, and an online survey.

On November 20th, at 2:45 PM in the library, I will be at your school to meet with you, the school staff, and Site Based Council to talk about your interim principal and interim assistant principal positions. I look forward to talking with you and hope you can be there in person.

When the district filled the principal and assistant principal positions with interim candidates last year due to the late nature of Mr. Crabtree coming to the District Office, I told everyone I would visit your school before the winter break in December to discuss next steps. A variety of factors will determine whether or not I decide to open the principal position up for posting and a new interview process, or to keep your administrators in their current positions for the 2020-2021 school year.

These primary factors will inform my decision: the administrator’s performance during the first half of this school year based on our KPBSD Effective Leadership Evaluation process; feedback from the Site Council, staff, parents, and community; and input from my District Leadership Team, etc. I will make a decision about the leadership of your school by the end of December or early in January.

By December 1, 2019, I encourage you and your family to use this opportunity to provide me with your thoughts about your school’s interim principals. It is very important to me to hear from you. I request that you complete this KPBSD School Administrator Feedback form so that I can factor your input into my decision. Please complete a separate evaluation for both the principal and assistant principal, and ask your child for their thoughts before you complete this. I have also sent a survey to staff, and a separate one to Site Councils so, if you are a part of either of these groups you will receive more than one survey. (Your feedback is not a public record and the content of your response is confidential.) I need your responses no later than December 1.

When the final determination about next steps is made in December or early January, I will update you and the K-Beach school community about my decision. Thank you for being part of the process.

Wishing you success and positive impact,


John O’Brien   

Superintendent of Schools

Kenai Peninsula Borough School District                          






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