Online Classrooms

Links to Online Classrooms

Below you will find the links to our online classrooms.  Most of our teachers are using Google Classroom.  Click this link for directions on how to log into the KPBSD Google Drive to access your child’s Google Classroom: Accessing Google Classroom.  Please contact your child’s teacher if you have difficulty accessing the online classroom.


Ms. Kaufman:

Mrs. Krieger:

Mrs. Vlasak:

First Grade:

Mrs. Brewer:

Mrs. Felchle:

Mrs. Zibell:

Second Grade:

Mrs. Erwin:

Ms. Hakkinen:

Mrs. Marcou:

Third Grade:

Mrs. Romatz:

Mr. Vedders:

Fourth Grade:

Mrs. Baker:  TXZ2TzDiCztGzm_q-zMoFNK8pQU5l3cZM/edit?ts=5e7e6ac2

Ms. Chambers:

Ms. Witthus:

Fifth Grade:

Mr. Daniels:

Mrs. Klaben:

Sixth Grade:

Mrs. Dolphin:

Mr. Newton:

PE, Art, Music, and Library:

Mrs. Bagley, Mrs. Butler, Ms. Mucha, Mrs. Stockton:


Mrs. Salzetti:


First Grade:

Second Grade:

Third Grade:

Fourth and Fifth Grade:

Ms. Paluso:



Mrs. Bybee:

Hearing Impaired Program:

Ms. Estelle:


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